Headshots and Portraits

Boost Your Business With Headshots and Portraits from Kemp Photography.



Why Choose us?

Quality First

Kemp Photography isn't a jack-of-all-trades studio. We are headshot and portrait specialists.

This means you are guaranteed consistent quality from quote to delivery. Our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our focus is to improve your business through cohesive images that blend with your branding.

Our clients range from small businesses to multinational, Fortune 500 companies. With over 16 years combined experience, our team understands the rapidly evolving business environment that companies face every day.

Genuine Connection

The Secret Sauce to effective headshots is genuine expressions. We don't set you in front of the camera and say smile seconds before taking a photo.

We are dedicated to the craft of creating genuine expressions and coach each person down to the millimeter of a smile before taking a photo, because it matters in the big picture.


Did you know that having headshots of yourself or your staff can boost sales, build trust, and jump conversion rates over 20%?

 Multiple studies have been done to show the effects headshots have on sales and the overall customer experience. They show that we all form a lasting first impression of one another in just one-tenth of a second.

Headshots of yourself, your staff, and your company's leaders make a huge impact on business. Contact us for a zero-pressure quote on company headshots and branding portraits. 


Not sure about it? Take us for a test drive and schedule a complimentary trial session for one!

How Does the Headshot Process Work?


Keep It Simple

1. When you contact us, we will request to have a phone consultation to listen and understand exactly what you company needs. We'll ask questions about your industry, uses for your headshots, and how we can develop the right aesthetic to match your brand.

2. We'll book a date at least one week in advance and collect your booking deposit.

3. We'll send you PDF guides and videos for participants to review in preparation for their headshot.

4. Our photographer will arrive at your office to setup one hour before your scheduled start time.

5. Participants will receive individual expression coaching and posing to capture the best headshot possible. Immediately after, they choose their best image with our help.

6. Once everyone has been photographed, our photographer will pack up and give your office details for the next steps.

7. The chosen images will be enhanced to look their best. They may also be retouched if you've purchased this option.

8. Within seven business days, your private company gallery will be delivered to your email inbox. Images can be downloaded right from the gallery in high, standard, and web resolution.