Orange County Headshots and Portraits.

Capture a great headshot with Orange County's headshot and portrait specialist.


You Deserve Quality.

Investing in a quality headshot for LinkedIn, business, acting, or modeling is key to standing out. Whether that leads to more sales, landing a dream job, or impressing casting directors, your headshot makes all the difference.

We all make snap-judgements of others based on headshots and profile pictures. All it takes is one-tenth of a second. Make sure yours counts. Working with Alex means working with a specialized headshot photographer that will deliver the perfect image.


"I chose to specialize in headshot photography because there were tons of others doing it horribly wrong. To be effective at creating great headshots, you must be a coach first and take photos second.This way each person comes off as naturally confident and friendly."

- Owner and Photographer Alex Kemp


Makeup. Camera. Action.

The headshot process is simple. We help you the entire way with guides to prepare for your session, wardrobe help, expression coaching, and even putting your headshot into action!


Business Headshots

Invest in your future with a modern essential.

Professional Headshots from Kemp Photography will make you stand out from the crowd.


Actors & Models

Stand out with high-impact headshots.

Currently, we work with CESD LA and Brand but accommodate any talent.


Companies & Groups

Let's complete your company's image with group headshots.

Packages can scale from small businesses to multi-national corporations with the click of a button.