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Support your brand with a headshot that works for you.


You Deserve Quality.

Investing in a quality headshot is key to more sales, landing a dream job, and impressing casting directors.


First impressions. We all make first impressions of each other in one-tenth of a second. Working with Alex means working with a specialized headshot photographer. He has dedicated years to mastering both headshots and expressions to deliver your perfect first impression.


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Kemp Photography Provides…



Boost your career with a headshot you will love! This is a modern necessity for actors, models and professionals.


Expo & Office Headshots

Draw traffic, seamlessly capture leads, or update and refine your company’s brand with headshots for expos, trade shows, and offices.



Brand & Lifestyle

Up your social media game with lifestyle photography and branding photography. It takes a plan and cohesive imagery to stand out online, I’ll help you get there.