Some Quick Questions You May Have

These quick FAQs should help answer many of your questions regarding your headshot photography session. Of course, if you have any more questions then feel free to contact us  here any time!

What is a 'look'?

A look is the fancy industry term for an outfit. If we start shooting in jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater that would be considered one look. As soon as you change say your t-shirt and take off the sweater that would be an additional look. Alex will make sure your headshots stand out in the crowd no matter how many looks you choose. 

How many photos do I get with one look?

You will receive all of the images from your session in high resolution. (Generally 40-50 images per look) We deliver them via a private gallery where you can download them to your computer. In addition, each look comes with one retouch to perfect your favorite photo.

What should I do to prepare for my headshots?

When preparing for your headshots keep in mind the things discussed during your consultation as far as clothing and looks. It's dry in LA and OC so be sure and drink plenty of water the week or days leading up to your shoot. Keeping hydrated invigorates the skin, clears pores and makes you feel refreshed! In addition, get plenty of sleep, it will reflect in your headshots. Girls do your makeup, a bit of concealer, lip gloss(stick) and eyebrow touch ups are perfect or schedule our MUA! Guys depending on your look make sure the facial hair is shaved or groomed to the desired effect. Everyone should do their hair and prepare for changing it up a bit. We have blotting paper and powder for the skin in addition to a full service bathroom (in-studio) to keep on top of things during the shoot!

Why do you color-correct the final headshots?

We shoot all of our headshots in a RAW file format so the photos that the camera spits out aren’t as punchy and colorful because the camera hasn’t messed with any of the details as it would when shooting jpegs. We take the RAW files and give them balance between colors, blacks, and whites so they look great even before retouching! This ensures a consistent look and and the highest resolution possible.

What do you mean I receive digital copies of the photos?

Instead of loading all your images onto a CD and shipping them to you via snail-mail or making you go out of your way to come pick it up, we have chosen to send you a private link to the images for reviewing them online. It’s definitely more eco-friendly! YAY!  In addition to viewing them you can download them to your computer to keep forever! You can use them for personal uses but please never edit my photos nor destroy them with social media filters! 

What should I expect when I arrive and am shooting?

When you arrive for an in-studio session expect Alex and his studio assistant finishing the set up. He always has water and will request to know your favorite beverage (coffee, tea etc.). He loves literally any music - whether it be house, grunge, alt, or classics - he’ll be jamming out. If you have a music preference or bring you own we will definitely hook it up! When shooting, Alex will direct you to the best angles  (as any photographer should do) , but please feel free to throw in your own moves! He and his assistant love to make people laugh and genuinely want to get to know you. It helps them get your 'money-shot'!

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Friends are awesome sauce! As long as they won’t interrupt your flow or make your feel awkward, it’s great! They know you best and can help get those expressions out of you!

What amenities do your studios have? 

The studios all have free WIFI (yaaaay!), a lounge, TV, full restrooms, magazines, and makeup stations!

What is your rescheduling policy for a headshot session?

Life happens, trust me - I know. That's why you can definitely reschedule up to one (1) time with your deposit. We just need to know 48 hours (two days) ahead of time. If you need to reschedule more than once or with late-notice you'll forfeit your deposit and have to pay another. It's our policy for every client and we cannot make exceptions. This will not apply if your shoot is outside and we hit bad weather, of course.  

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