Frequently Asked Questions

What is a headshot? A headshot it a type of portrait used to represent yourself for business websites, marketing, business cards, social media, and acting/modeling auditions. They are your way of creating a great first impression online or wherever you cannot represent yourself in-person.

Why do I need a headshot? Investing in headshots is crucial to succeeding in the digital and online world of business. You've probably heard that first impressions are everything. Making a first impression online is difficult to do because you aren't face to face with those you're meeting. Just like dressing to impress, you need to have a quality professional headshot to stand out and make the best first impression.

How much do headshots cost? The cost of a headshot varies widely from free to over $1,000. The price of a headshot will generally correlate with the experience and expertise of a photographer, the quality of the session, and how the final image turns out. Remember, cheaper isn’t better. Your headshot should help you succeed. It should not make you look bad nor cheap. Pricing generally includes a selection of proofs where you choose one final retouched headshot from. This means it’s not as simple as one shutter click and you’re done. It takes time and trying many poses, expressions, and even outfits to get the perfect headshot.

What should I wear for my headshot? You should wear clothing that you are comfortable in. The clothing should highlight the reason behind your headshot. For example, a business headshot would require a dress shirt and suit jacket whereas an acting headshot would require something character-specific like a leather jacket and t-shirt. Always wear layers as this will develop more depth to the image. Never wear white as your outer layer. Never use clothing with logos, heavy/distracting patterns, stripes, or with large characteristics (like puffy sleeves). Well-fitted and tailored clothing will always look better than baggy or loose fitting clothes. Be sure to iron everything so your outfits are wrinkle free. Avoid jewelry as this will distract the viewer.

Do I need hair and makeup for my headshot? The short answer is yes for women and no for men. You may be great at doing everyday makeup but certified hair and makeup artists are experts in makeup for on-camera. They use specialty makeup that doesn’t glare in the light and know how to create the right contouring for the camera. Never wear heavy eye makeup as this is distracting. Your headshot photographer should have a suggested pro you can use.

Do I need to retouch my headshot? Yes. Retouching will eliminate blemishes and bags under your eyes. Retouching may also help with stray hairs and clothing malfunctions. While retouching is necessary, this doesn’t mean have the retoucher completely smooth your skin, eliminate all wrinkles, or change your appearance. This is because you want to look like your headshot - it is supposed to be a professional representation of yourself. Imagine meeting a date that looks great online but then shocks you in person. You want to avoid this with your headshot. 

Where can I get a headshot? We recommend searching your area for professional headshot photographers because they specialize in headshots. Many photographers may say they can shoot a headshot even though their portfolio is only families or weddings. If they aren’t well-versed headshot photographers, then they won’t know how to properly light, pose, or direct your expression to make the best first impression for you online. 


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