Why You Will Never Be Photogenic Enough...

unless you stop Fedexing yourself.

Clients tell me on a daily basis, "Alex, you had better work some magic because I'm not photogenic". My guess is that you're reading this because you don't think you're photogenic either.

I'm here to tell you that you are. The reason you will never be photogenic enough was taught to me by the leading headshot expert, Peter Hurley. It's called "Fedexing" yourself and it will eat your self-esteem alive if you don't pay attention.


I have the greatest job in the world that allows me to photograph leading executives, actors, and models. These same people that get in front of huge audiences to project confidence will come in front of the camera and crumble. They look at a fantastic headshot of themselves and immediately gawk at the uneven eyebrow, sleepy bags under their eyes, or that one wrinkle right under their left nostril...

Client: "Oh this is horrible. Do you see it, Alex?"

Me: "Now that you've pointed it out to me, yes. I do see it."

The truth is, psychologists at Princeton and countless other institutions have proven time and time again that people tend to look at your face for only a millisecond. That's a teeny tiny fraction of a second. Their opinion and first impression of you is formed in one-tenth of a second. This means that they don't notice those small details like the couple larger-than-normal pores on your nose. Only you notice it. You're the one who stands in front of a mirror every day and judges the crap out of yourself until you no longer see a perfectly photogenic person in the mirror.

So, what does this have to do with Fedex? Well, Fedex (and many other logos for that matter) use subtle details that most people will never notice unless it's pointed out to them. Take a look at the Fedex logo again and you can find a spoon in the "e" and an arrow between the "ex".

You probably barely even glanced at the logo when you began this article, right? Not nearly long enough to notice two symbols within it. So, next time you come in for your headshot or any photo, remember that you are photogenic and to stop Fedexing yourself.

Thanks for reading!