Learn How To Choose Your Headshot Photographer

We're all addicts and as you know the first step to solving addiction is to admit you have a problem... with your selfie-stick and phone.

Coming to the realization that those quick pics won't cut it for anything but your photo albums is great, but now you need to pick the right headshot photographer to help you out.

So, who are you going to call? The Ghost Busters? Eh, probably not (even though that would be cool)! But you can check out our handy guide to choosing a professional headshot photographer.

This question is simple yet one you should definitely consider carefully. Here's a little flow chart to help you out when choosing your photographer:


Make Sure They Are a Specialist

Many photographers will specialize in one area of the industry. I'm not talking portraits versus landscape. Many specialize even further into a niche. There are photographers that only work with corporate headshot photography for example or who only work with brides that have tattoos. Find someone who specializes and you'll be better off already!  

Check Their Portfolio

Find their website (they should have a website) and check out their portfolio of past work. If you like it and feel as though it will best represent you then you're another step further! It's good to compare a couple photog's portfolios too! Remember QUALITY over QUANTITY. J.C. Penny takes thousands of portraits a day but we all know they're really not the best (no offense if your a J.C. portrait survivor).

Check Their Reviews

In this day and age, online reviews can help you out even before calling a company. Looking for honest and level-headed reviews can be another step in the right direction. Businesses have come to depend on review services like Google and Yelp to help build trust with clients.

Give them a call

Trust is of utmost importance when choosing your headshot photographer. Give your prospective photographer/s a call. Did they listen to what you wanted or cut you off half way? Your photographer should listen to every last bit of info you give. It helps to make sure they will work along with your needs. You can also get a feel for their personality and vibe to make sure they don't clash with yours. You need to be comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be when having your photo taken).

Check The Price

Many will list their pricing online. Check it out and make sure it fits your budget. If the photographer doesn't have any, don't fret. Many leave it off as a way to generate leads and phone calls. Just make certain that the price is clear before you agree to hire them by asking what you will receive with their given pricing.


When looking at price, cheaper does not mean better or more value. I can’t say that enough.

If you are drawn to a pricier photographer over others then ask yourself why. Is it their style? Is it the quality of the image? Is it how the people in the images look?

It’s the 21st century and we all meet each other online. You need to make sure your headshot is freaking awesome or you’ll look like that geek from the 90’s.

Too much smile looks too eager. Not enough smile looks unapproachable. Too much squint looks shady. If its shot from too high then it looks like your submissive.

You need just the right combo of smirk, squint, and camera height. This will guarantee you stand out as a confident leader whose also a naturally approachable human.

In the end, choosing the right photographer is fairly simple as long as you do your research. Follow the chart and double check some things before you jump onboard with a photographer!

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