Why Your Brand Image Isn't Complete

Your company has spent oodles of money developing a brand image and marketing this image to clients and consumers. Does your company fall short when it comes to projecting this image all the way through the customer experience?

In order to generate business, companies have to sell. In order to sell, companies need people.  Multiple studies have been done to show the effects that images of the people running your company have on conversions and overall sales experiences. The results are huge. Boosting conversion rates over 20%!

This doesn't mean generic stock images of people. These studies were about headshots of your actual staff. Your sales team, customer service team, and the ever-important C-Suite.


Humans love to look at other humans. The following images tracked eye movement to show where people tend to look most when viewing them:

Overwhelmingly, it's the face.

As Jakob Nielson’s study shows, people will better relate to your staff and company through images. Princeton studies have also proven that we build our trust in someone based on the first one-tenth of a second of seeing their image.

The Solution


Bring in a pro. Work with someone that can understand what your brand's image is and how to put that into your company's headshots.

Make sure your pro is consistent on all levels."Shoot and burn" photographers (aka cheap photographers) are abundant. They come and go daily, trying to make a quick buck.

You need a pro that can assess, shoot, and repeat. Meaning, they give you a consistent product to match your company aesthetics, consistent images between each employee, and can come back on any given day to update your headshots with the same level of consistency.

We live in a digital age and companies are leaving a slab of profit on the table by forgoing quality headshots.

Touch base with Alex to see how Kemp Photography can help your company complete their brand image. He'll even send in his team to do a complimentary headshot session for one so you can see how the group headshot process works. 


Alex Kemp