1. The One-Tenth Rule

    Date 22 Sep 2017
    Do you ever view someone’s online profile or a company’s website and immediately think to yourself, “Wow I really would not trust them.” or ” This company seems great, I would trust working with them.”?  Probably not actively and it’s hard to imagine it happening hundreds of times as you…

  2. How to Pick the Right Headshot Photographer

    Date 11 Aug 2016
    We’re all addicts and as you know the first step to solving addiction is to admit you have a problem… with your selfie-stick and phone. Coming to the realization that those quick pics won’t cut it for anything but your photo albums is great, but now you need to pick the right…

  3. What Should You get from Your Headshot Photography Session?

    Date 21 Jun 2016
    How Much Should I Spend and What Should I Get with Headshots So you’ve practiced in the mirror, picked out your outfit(s), and even figured out your makeup (or no makeup) situation. Now you’re stuck on how much to spend. This is a very objective question and it varies depending…

  4. Why You Need a Professional Headshot

    Date 13 Jun 2016
    With the never-ending expansion of technology, information, and social media it is becoming exponentially more important to have a Professional Headshot for everything Upon researching everyone on my ballot for the primaries, I noticed the awful pictures that leaders and potential leaders are jumping into the game with! It’s concerning…

  5. Practice for your Professional Headshot.

    Date 29 May 2016
    Should I Practice for my Headshot Orange County Headshots This is a good question that many internalize and eventually try to do in front of their bathroom mirror while their cat watches in embarrassment (you know who you are)… YES!!! Practice makes perfect, but not in front of a mirror.…

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